Ipod Crashes XP

My Ipod keeps crashing my XP PC.
Mysteriously, only when I am connected to the internet. I get a nasty blue screen, then a restart.
The only thing that has changed recently is the installation of a spyware removal tool called Spyware Doctor. Which is a totally legit program... Perhaps it removed something? I'm really at a loss.


hi garoda!
when the PC crashes, the blue screen says "page fault in non-paged area....ntoskrnl.exe".
good gracious ... you're receiving an 0x50 on a Windows 2000 PC referencing ntoskrnl.exe?
that's not good. ntoskrnl.exe is your Windows 2000 kernel:
How Windows 2000 components use the registry
it's probably a good idea to back up your data on the PC. 0x50s can sometimes indicate nasty issues.
let's also try getting some additional technical help. let's capture a minidump of the crash and send it to someone who can interpret minidumps.
To set up your machine to capture a minidump, right click on "My Computer", select "Properties", select the "Advanced" tab, select the "Startup and Recovery" Settings button, select "small memory dump" from the popup. When it crashes, look for the MiniDump file. It's usually in the folder "C:\WINDOWS\Minidump" and is called something like Mini<number>-<number>.dmp.
and send it to this email address
in the email:
(1) state the precise version number of itunes that you're using. (go into your "Help > About iTunes" to doublecheck.)
(2) include the URL to this thread so that the person who gets the email has some context, but also give as much information about the context of the crashing as you can.
love, b