IPhoto, iMovie, or iDVD which is best for creating a slideshow?

I'm working on a project that's half slideshow, half video. The slideshow portion will incorporate music and the Ken Burns effect. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can actually use iPhoto, iMovie, or iDVD to do this, right? If so, what makes the most sense from a process standpoint? flexibility standpoint?
I ask because I've experimented and it seems like creating slideshows is significantly easier in iPhoto than in iMovie, but wanted to know people's thoughts.


Hi Terrabay:
I have side-stepped your question most of the day and now I see everyone else has too!
So, I feel someone needs to step up and give you some answers...but-just remember-I am an iMovie junkie, so you are not going to hear kudos to iPhoto from me! LOL!
I honestly do not know if your slideshow will look better with iMovie (all that DV you know...) but since you said that you are adding video- well....
Go with iMovie-hey-no pain-no gain!
Seriously, iPhoto was made for photos and imovie for DV. You be the judge, but I think if you tinker with the iMovie options ( audio, transitions,titles, etc) you will see that iMovie is the way to make you memories live forever!
Whew! That is almost creepy....