Iphone does not connect with pc

My old Iphone doesn´t connect with PC anymore. What can I do? I've tried to refresh, clean the contacts and nothing!


Are you using the same USB cable and adapter that came with the phone? If yes, did you check the docking port and cable for any kind of debris, lint or bent pins?
Next step would be a reset by holding the sleep and home button for about 10 sec, until the Apple logo comes back again. You will not lose data by resetting.
If still no luck, try to connect in recovery mode, explained in this article:
If you can't update or restore your iOS device
If still not recognized, check this article for more suggestions:
iPhone, iPad, or iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support

My ipad 4 does not connect with my home wifi network

my ipad 4 does not connect with my home wifi networkTry this: 1. Turn router off for 30 seconds and on again 2. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network SettingsRead other 2 answers

After upgrading to a new iMac 27 my iPhone does not sync with iTunes

After having the Apple Store migrate all my data and programs from an older iMac to a new iMac 27" my iPhone does not sync.  After connecting the phone it begins and goes to about steps 3 or 4 and then the "apple" appears indicating it is f

IPhone does not connect to home Wifi

I have a wifi working but on my iphone or any other device other than a computer does not connect to home wifi. What should I do?Hi leilaboxergirl, So, when you go to Settings>WiFi, what do you see? Is WiFi = On? Under Choose a Network, is anything s

IPhone does not connect to updated Time Capsule

A couple of days ago my Time Capsule was updated to version 7.6. Although my Macbook Air, Windows PC en Windows laptop can still connect with the wireless network, my iPhone 4 does not anymore. My iPhone can connect to a wireless network in the neigh

HT1386 my iphone is not connecting with itunes

when i opening itunes in my iphone then showing cannot connect to itunesHello charheart, I would be concerned as well if my iPhone was not recognized by iTunes.  Thank you for providing all the information with the steps you took in regards to this i

IPhone does not sync with iCloud

iOs 7 Calendar data is not synced with iCloud so I don't get new data on my iMac Maverick It is on, Wi-fi enabled. No problems in iOs 6 Thank you for helpHi Daniel Stonek, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.  If your iPhone's calendar events

My Mac (latest version) does not connect with my Iphone4s

I cannot connect my Iphone 4S ( IOS 7.1.1) to my Mac ( OS X  10.9.3 ). The same Iphone paired and connected to my carkit, no problem.That connectivity is only supported for tethering. BarryRead other 2 answers

Integration Engine does not connect with SLD

Hi all, We have an XI 3.0 system that acts as QUA system in our track. This XI 3.0 system is connected to a central SLD installed on a PI 7.1 system that acts as our DEV system. Everything seems to be OK in the Java part. We refresh the caches succes

Video from iPhone does not sync with iTuines?

When I sync my iPhone with iTunes on my pc I do not see the videos I shot with my phone. I am sure it's something I am doing....OK, I figured it out.  I was thinking that when I would sync my iPhone that I would see the pics and videos I took under t

Security up date spins and does not connect with server. Cannot complet update. How do I fix this?

Hi, I get notice that Firefox security has an update. I select. The update spins and says"connecting to the update server," and never does. It just keeps spinning. I have tried to up date thru the Firefox website unsuccessfully. How can I fix th

My I phone 5 does not connect with my Bluetooth in my car?

I just bought my I phone 5  can not get the Bluetooth to auto answer. I had a lg with Bluetooth and did not have a problem.  I could auto answer and voice dial. Any fixes?You have posted to the iTunes Match forum, which your question is not related t

When I plug my phone into my computer, Itunes does not automatically open, help! My phone does not connect with Itunes anymore..

Please help! I am trying to connect my phone to itunes via computer and for some reason it is not being picked up this has only happened after i recently updated itunes any advice on how to connect it? when i authorise my phone to it, it says it is a

My TV does not connect with apple TV (3) - only blue screen

my HDTV Logik (app 4 years old) says "not support" when connecting Apple TV (3), but I know that my TV supports both 720p and 1080i. what to do?  I have doublechecked inputs, HDMIcable and switched the power off and on again.1080i is not support


i need help because my iphone sometimes connect to the 3G red and sometimes no, i cant make calls too. anybody know about these, sorry abolut my english. Im speak in spanish Thanks.I know this question was asked a long time ago, but for anyone who st

HTTPS does not connect with Safari iOS 7.1.1

After upgrading to 7.1.1, using broadband over WiFi, can no longer connect to Outlook Web Access (OWA), a https url.Go step by step and test. 1. If adware is installed without your knowledge,     download  free AdwareMedic by clicking "Download "

Client does not connect with the webservice no more when using jnlp

Hello I am experiencing an issue, apparently only when i am trying to use my application from java web start I have a server/client application that works well when run. When trying to start the client using a .jnlp file (server allready being turned

Not connection with the bluetooth of the car parrot MK6000

I have in the car one free manos of the brand parrot mk 6000 and my iphone does not connect 3G, does someone know because it is? Thank you very much and I wait that me podais to helpI have the same problem. When using the 3G I get a sticato effect tr

My iphone does not sync since downloading os 7

my iphone does not sync with itunes since i downloaded os 7.  any suggestions, pls.Assuming that you have selected to sync all calendars on the Info tab in your iTunes sync settings, and are sure that you have the right default calendar selected on y

BlackBerry not connecting with the pc

My blackberry RIM curve 8520 does not connect with the pc the only thing it does is charging. Is there a setting i have to change before it can connect to the pc ? kind regards GHello ! Kindly take out your battery and do the Power restart for your d