Ipad still showing duplicate entries for songs.

my Ipad still showing duplicate entries for songs. I have unchecked Show Itunes in the Cloud purchases, I have tried replacing all items when autofilling (before syncing) I have even logged out then back into itunes, to no avail. Can you please assist? Thank you


hi guys, i was just googling the problem as i too have it, i am currently trying to sort it, i have deleted all my music off my phone using itunes and then put it all back on and also tried deleting it and outting 1 album on at a time, still not got rid of the duplicate tracks, i have now used the show duplicate items view and deleted those off my itunes library. i think i may have come across the problem!! i have just deleted all my music off my iphone using itunes again, and it shows nothing being on my iphone, however, if i go into music on my actual phone it is still showing 126 songs and none of them play. so i have now deleted them manually directly from the phone and am now putting all my music back onto my phone hoping i have cured the issue of ghost tracks.
ill let you know when its done if we are cured!!
BOOOOOMMMM!!!!! it worked!!! been so frustating, now its all good, hope this helps anyone with the same issues