Ipad sound problem

the unit is not producing any sounds other than those from the iPod application.
no alerts no notifications at all.
I used the earphone jack and the bluetooth connection, teh same result, only iPod sounds.
A hard reset had been performed, restored to unit from iTunes and still no sounds.
Any ideas please?


If you are on iOS 4.2 then is the notification mute switch (the old rotation lock on the right hand side) 'on' ? Rotation lock is a software function on the taskbar in 4.2 and the switch mutes notifications e.g. so that you can watch videos or listen to music without hearing email notifications etc. Rotation lock : double-click the home button, sllide from the left, and its the button far left; press home again to exit the taskbar; repeat to switch off rotation lock.
If you are on iOS 4.3 then the switch can be configured in Settings > General to either be rotation lock or notification mute.