IOS 7.0.3 Photo app, stuck on syncing message at bottom.

Yesterday I updated to 7.0.3 and updated all my apps as well. After opening iPhoto, it seemed stuck on a message saying my Photo library is being upgraded. After numerous closer and reopening and leaving it overnight with nothing changed, I noticed that my Photo app is showing a syncing message with a wheel at the bottom that does not go away. I tried to reset all settings, removing and putting back iPhoto, removing iCloud account and finally restoring my phone and still the problem persists.
Is there anything I can do beside setting up my phone as new which I really do not want to do at all.
Thank you.


I too had this problem, however I am running Windows 7 on a PC. This drove me NUTS for 2 days until I finally figured it out.
Through iTunes, I was trying to sync pictures onto my iP5 from a specific folder on my desktop. It would start loading the pictures when I hit the "Apply" button in iTunes, but then the status bar would say "error" and stop the upload.
As it turns out, the folder that I was trying to upload had a sub-folder with an old iPod cache in it. This is what was causing the "Syncing..." to stay present in my Photos app on my iPhone (must be unrecognized file types?). Once I deleted the cache sub-folder, I re-synced the desired folder, and the "Syncing..." in Photos went away.
"i" hope this helps!

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