Interfacing SAP R/3 4.7 Order Management with GTS 3.0 or GTS future release

Scenario I
During order entry (Tcode VA01) in SAP R/3 4.7 users would like to prevent an order from being saved for a certain product if it is not ok to order / blocked for shipment. The current thought is that GTS (version 3.0) has data loaded that is used to check during delivery creation whether a delivery is ok to ship or not.
Can such a check using GTS be carried out during order entry. The requirement is to do a real-time call to GTS during VA01 and if the device is not ok to order user should get an error message letting them know the reason why the order cannot be saved. I believe there is no real time interface supported between order entry and GTS and so this type of a check may not be available during order entry.
Scenario II
After an order has been saved in SAP R/3 4.7 users would like to know before the delivery gets created for this order if this order will be blocked from shipping due to sanctions in GTS.
The current concern is that users cannot tell till it the order is ready to ship if the delivery will be blocked for shipment. If there is a way in GTS (via a report / transaction) to let the users know that this order is on not ok to ship then users can take proactive steps to address the issue rather than having to wait till the delivery note is about to be created.
If anyone can highlight if there is any capabilities in GTS 3.0 or future releases of GTS to support the above scenarios OR any potential workaround to address these scenarios that will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
Samir Agarwal


Dont know about GTS 3.0, but in GTS 7X we have the option to prevent an order from being saved if it is not complying with any of the regulations or is not ok for further customs processing.
Its not possible to give a real time update in va01. but when you try to save it, it'll  throw an error log. though you will be able to save it but the sales order will be blocked for any further processing.
It'll will not allow you to do delivery on this order (which shows a status blocked). I guess this suffice the requirement in both scenarios.

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