Integrated Configurations

Hi guys,
we are using PI 7.11.
With this release local processing on the advanced adapter engine is possible, when using integrated configurations.
This works fine.
Lately I faced an error situation in an RFC to JDBC scenario, when one field doesn´t meet the conditions of the database.
I tried to dig deeper to identify the incorrect value by switch on the trace in the receiver JDBC channel, as I did several times before.
Afterwards I treied to restart the message.
Following error occurs. Unable to retrieve interface determination with object ID ab1bf720bf2711dea7d2020000000030 from CPA cache.
I made some test with integrated configurations (FTP to FTP) and come to the result that errors, which require changes on the communication channel e.g. wrong password etc. result in an new object in the CPA cache
trying restart the failed message ends up in the error specified aboce.
Anyone faced the same issue already?
Kind regards


HI Jochen,
I feel that you should once go for a CPA Cache refresh from Adapter Engine and try executing your failed messages once again in the adapter engine.
To do a CPA Cache Refresh from the Adapter Engine:
To trigger a cache refresh from the individual Adapter Framework, open a browser window and enter the following URL:
The Monitoring url is like this:
Check this How-to Guide on Cache, it will be useful:

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