Installing XP, running under VMWare

I am brand new to a Mac, and have found the Mac Pro I received a week ago was great to upgrade. Adding both memory and a new Caviar Black 1T drive this morning was the quickest/easiest upgrade I've ever done.
I am currently formatting the new drive I just installed. The Format settings are Mac OS Extended (journaled), and the erase option was set to Zero out the data - I'm assuming this will ensure bad blocks will be marked as they are found - *Out of curiosity, does the disk utility mark bad blocks when found during the Zeroing out process?*
I'm hoping to avoid problems with the way the drive is set up prior to installing VMWare, XP, and moving files onto the drive.
Does VMWare Fusion deal with the format differences between what XP expects (NTFS) and the HFS+ format of the new drive? If not, do I need to do anything to handle this issue?
Secondly, I want to load XP from my MSDN disks - All of the Microsoft operating systems are contained on the MSDN disks. Anybody know if this will cause an issue?
Should I install XP for both VMWare and Bootcamp? Or can I run fine with a single copy running under VMware?
Thanks in advance,


Zeroing with OS X Disk Utility seems very iffy and not as good as if you use vendor supplied utility which runs in Windows. I've even done 7-way write in Disk Utility and the drive showed problems.
I suggest you try something else than DU. MicroMat TechTool Pro seems able to identify weak or bad sectors, does not have means to remap. Intech Speedtools should be able to, and may, but that's another $89.
LIfeguard from WD, Seatools from Seagate... those are better.