Instability (freezing) and crashing from Macbook Pro transferred over to brand New iMac 2013 i7.

I had a Macbook pro I installed some Plugin Demos (red giant and Filmconvert) a few days later one of my projects with multiple clips and lots of files in it crashes repeatedly after about 10 minutes of editing. on my older macbook pro it would freeze playback rendering me incapable of moving the head in the timeline. I would still be able to apply filters to a clip drag in a new clip etc however i would be doing it blind and I would not have the ability to move to a different part of the timeline (like the beginning or end). I contacted one of the techs and they blamed the plugins. we removed them and it seemed to work. however it didn't. on the same project it would continue to freeze after about 10 minutes of editing not at any specific place in the timeline but it would always freeze eventually. I already knew that my macbook was getting old so I invested in a new IMac 27 inches I7 Processor 8GB of ram and 4GB of GPU ram. i launch the same project in adobe premiere on this new computer and i run into the same issue. I attempted to reinstall and that made it worse. now after i ran into the same issue i was not even able to force quit the program. I restarted the computer and tried to run the program again but i still have the same issue. what do i do? is there something that i can do beyond uninstalling to reset whatever damage the 3rd party plugins did? is there something wrong with the particular project that I am working on that is causing the crash?


I echo the opinions above.  The PC usually needs a fresh ground up install but the Mac doesn't.  Just delete off anything you don't want any longer and enjoy your new iMac.