Incentive & Commission Management architecture doubts

I'm trying to implement Incentive & Commission Management from the technical perspective, and i'm looking for documentation and technical guides.
Right now I'm a bit lost, ERP source (abap) configuration is almost done by the consultant but I got the requirement to install a SAP portal where implement the java components for ICM and I'm kind of lost.
I've installed a nw 70 ehp4 appl.server java with as java, ep and ep core components and now i'm looking for the specific ICM components to install.
The more I investigate, the more lost I'm.
I guess I must download and install the packages:
and later grand the ICM roles contained there to the corresponding user.
Can someone give me an easy a->b->c diagram of the implementation and components in the different sides (abap, java)?
Help will be really appreciated.


I hope you have resolved your query by now.
if not then see below the quoted text
" The Business Package for Sales Compensation Analyst (Insurance) is based on the Business Package for ICM Analyst. This business package consists of so-called Worksets for Reuse. Therefore you must implement the Business Package for ICM Analyst to be able to use the Business Package for Sales Compensation Analyst (Insurance). "
More info can be found at:
You many not need to install Participant and Sales Rep Components as they take care of showing earned commissions for respective agents logged in.
The mandatory ones are Sales Analyst Role as this role is responsible for creation of Standard Contracts.
I hope that helps.
Manas Dua

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