Importing HDV video

I have tried to import HDV video with my powerbook but cannot do so without distorted sound. Same thing happens with with my Mac book. I will buy a new MacBook Pro but was wondering if it imports HDV without distorted sound


Scott Radloff wrote:
A Macbook Pro, on the other hand, should handle it well. Here's a thought: If you take your camera in to an Apple store, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind you connecting it to a Macbook Pro, importing a short length of footage, then testing it.
I was sure I had forgotten something - that's definitely a good suggestion. I've heard that Apple Stores are usually OK with that kind of request

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 crashing when importing HDV Video

For some reason I keep getting crashes when importing HDV (720p60) video into the timeline of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.  This has happened on two different machines, with similar specs. Per the suggested guidelines, here are the specifics: Version of P

Import HDV files

So.. HDV is an MPEG2 transport stream which I've exported from iMovie HD to a file. Is there a way to import this back into iMovie with sound? I've gotten it to import the video by renaming with a .mpg extension, but shouldn't it recognize the .m2t f

Can't import mpeg video - not supported

Production Premium user. The whole purpose of multitracking against video is useless as I've just found out Audition does not support MPEG MPEG-2. I went to the Apple site where I was led to believe that buying the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component

Importing HDV-recapturing media imported as DV to HDV

Had problems importing HDV shot on a Canon HDV camera using a Sony HD700 deck so imported as DV due to time constraints (family video). Project is finished but read a recent post by redtruck changed my settings and can now import as HDV. Question I h

How do you import youtube video to iMovie?

How do you import youtube videos into iMovieWhy not ask your questions in the iMovie forums?  It's where the iMovie users hang out at.Read other 5 answers

Import a video into the mediathek

I got a DVD from a friend with a video on it. This video has been taken by himself with his own video camera. Now I would like to import this video into the mediathek of iMovie. What are the correct steps that it will work properly.See my post here.

I imported a video I make in another program and I played it back in the video editor and I like the pan and zoom that was added by the program how do I save a copy with the effect of Premiere elements 12

I imported a video I make in movie maker program and I played it back in the premiere video editor and I like the pan and zoom that was added by the program how do I save a copy with the effect of Premiere elements 12 all I did was played it back how

Importing a video

I have imported a video into premiere element 10 from an external hard drive. It was imported as one long clip (55 minutes). How can I break up the video into multiple clips.There are at least two ways to do that. One is to use either SceneAlyzer to

Help! ipod can't import movies/video...

hope u guys can helpme out. Just bought ipod recently but having problems importing music videos/ movies from itunes. Called apple but they said that the movies is not the right format as my ipod. How do i reformat or import movies into my ipod? pls

How to import YouTube videos into FCP for editing

I am doing a television interview, and we want to cut away to a YouTube video. Is there a way to download and import YouTube videos into Final Cut Express?It's a clip from CNN (with all credits etc. added). When one refers to it as a clip posted on "

Please Help!!! Imovie 08 will not import some videos...

Please help before i go crazy!! i movie very recently has decided not to import certain videos from hard drive and i dont know why?!?! any ideas??? I am an actor and edit my own showreel and have some nice footage back i really want to use. I have be

Conforming HDV Video

Hi All, I have composed around 3 dvds from Final Cut pro over the last couple of months. I am having problem with rendering. Before it was not taking long, I must have changed something in the settings as now when rendering it is coming up with confo

Whenever I import a video into Imovie something it changes the lighting

Hi my name is Jon, I have a problem with Imovie 11, whenever I import a video (MOV file) it totally messes up the start and end of the video. I had a very dark video and at the start it made it look whiteish and very light. Please Help! The video say

Import music videos

Help. I have a bunch of DVD music videos that I have purchased over the years and now I have a new iPod that plays videos but I can't figure out how to import these videos from DVD to iTunes. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance!Exactly right - i

Can't import any video inAE CS 5.5

Just had AE installed and I can't import any video (.avi or .mov.)  They show up grey and then if I try all files it says "it's a bad format or not readable." Two error messages about unknown exception and missing output plug-in show up when I o

Import a video from itunes

I purchased a video from itunes and saved it as a quicktime movie on my desktop. I am working on a imovie project and wanted to use a clip from the video. When I try to import the video it says that the computer is not authorized through itunes. I ty

Capturing HDV Video from GY-HD110

I have captured some HDV video to the Apple Intermediate Codec. The capture went fine, but when I put the video onto the timeline, it's only showing green screen. I tried it on a couple of different settings but still no luck. Has anyone else had thi

Does apple final cut import 4K video clips?

I'm toying with getting a camera that shoots 4K video.  Do either Apple Final Cut Pro or iMovie import 4K video?both support it fully.Read other 2 answers

When I import a video I recorded to my laptop from my Iphone 5c  it won't play on window media centre or vec or any medium. Please help??? It plays perfect on the phone.

When I import a video I recorded to my laptop from my Iphone 5c  it won't play on window media centre or vec or any medium. Please help??? It plays perfect on the phone.The format from the phone is : h.264 encoded video, AAC audio. Both standards of