Import project from other drive

I have upgraded my MacBook with an 256 GB SSD in the former combo drive place which now contains the OS, Apps and system files. The "old" 1TB HD is still there where it was but only contains media files (Music, Images and Video).
I have managed to connect Aperture and iPhoto on the SSD to it's image library on the HD.
But how do I do this with iMovie? When I launch iMovie, it shows both drives but doesn't show any content other than iPhoto-Videos.


There are a lot of nuances to this.
I am running my OSX and my apps on a SSD and running my home folder on the spinning hard drive.
Here is good info that helped me set it up from longtime forum contributor Pondini (James Ponds).
If you choose to keep you home folder (your User Name folder) on the SSD, then your iMovie Events are probobly going to be too large for that.
If you have your home folder on the hard disk, they would be in <User Name>/Movies/iMovie Projects and <User Name>/Movies/iMovie Events respectively.
If your home folder is on the SSD, then the folders on your Hard drive need to be at the top level of the drive and be named iMovie Projects and iMovie Events, respectively.
You really need to do the move from the SSD to the hard drive from within iMovie, so that all the links are preserved. If your SSD is not big enough to do this, do one project and its events at a time.
Here is how to move projects from within iMovie.
Here is how to move Events from within iMovie.
If this isn't clear, please ask for clarification. Good luck.

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