Implementing a clock using servlets

I have a servlet that I want to display a clock. What is the best way to go about it?


I want to display the time digitally on the page. I could get the current time from Calendar but if I were to do that I would have displayed on the website the time when the page loaded. I could then tell the page to update every minute, but that wouldn't be very efficient. Is there a better way?

Uploading a file to server using servlet (Without using Jakarta Commons)

Hi, I was trying to upload a file to server using servlet, but i need to do that without the help of anyother API packages like Jakarta Commons Upload. If any class for retrieval is necessary, how can i write my own code to upload from client machine

When to Use Servlet only, EJB only and, both Servlet And EJB???

I have a question, If I want to build a Web application. Sometime i found that there is no need to use EJB as Servlet already provide that functionality. Can anyone tell me when do I use Pure Servlet? When do I use Pure EJB and, When do I use Both EJ

How to get XML value using servlet?

how to get values from a XML file using servlet ? Thank you. for example: how can I get the location value (aaa) from this XML file? abc.xml: <business> <location>aaa</location> </business>Try to use XML Parsers to do the job. Use

Displaying results from a database query using servlets

I have this HTML form where users can search a MS Access database by entering a combination of EmployeeID, First name or last name. This form invokes a Java Servlet which searches the database and displays the results as an HTML page. I am giving the

Could not connect to database using servlet

Hi, i'm using oracle, tomcat 3.2.1, jdk1.2.2 to build an intranet application. I downloaded the and from the oracle web site and install in the oracle\ora81\jdbc\lib directory. when i tried to run the samples

URGENT.........File Upload using Servlets and jsp

I am a new servlet programmer....... iam using tomcat server...... can any one pls help in writing code for file upload using servlets and jsp without using multipart class or any other class like that.... Please URGENT..Slow down! "Urgent" is f

Using servlet to generate XML file

What I want to do is simple but can't work. Hope you guys can give me a hint. I succesfully generate XML file in command line using Oracle XML parser and class generator. Then I was trying to do it using servlet. it compiles fine but generate NullPoi

Nullpointerexception when using servlet with Mysql on a cobalt Raq3 Server

I'm a student and i have to use servlets and Mysql to make a Database application. Our school has a Cobalt Raq3 server and has installed Java Dev Kit 1.3a. First problem they can't tell me their driver manager for Mysql. Second problem when i try my

Web proxy server using servlet

Hello members, I want to develop a web proxy server like this [|] using servlet. anyone of you have any idea how to this, kindly suggest me. ThanksHttpProxyServlet's configuration properties a

How file dowloading concept works using servlets.

How file dowloading concept works using servlets. We will get window when downloading something from site if we close that window downloading stops. how this process works if we use servlets . Or what are the general concepts for downloading a fileHo

Implementing Fiancial Analytics using JD Edwards as a source

Hello Experts, I am implementing Financial Analytics using JD Edwards Enterprise One as source. I am in the process of configuring the .csv files. I don't find few .csv files under informatica/server/infa_shared/SrcFiles folder. Where can I find the

When to use jsp,and when to use servlet?

I think that jsp and servlet can realize the same functions, because when run a jsp, it is transferred to a servlet program, so when to use jsp and when to use servlet? I am now developing the input interface for a website, I just use jsp and javabea

How to check whether the browser supports cookie using servlet

Hi I have a servlet that uses session.I want to check whether the browser supports cookie. Please help me how can i detect this using servlet. could you please include a sample code thanks sabuYou can check whether any cookies were sent in the reques

Stoping System Clock using Java code.

Is it possible to do so if yes then some code idea for Stoping System Clock using Java code. [email protected]The system clock is controlled from the BIOS, and as such, I don't think even windoze can stop it, though it can be continually reset. I don

How to fetch data from DataBase using Servlet ?

Hi all, Till now, i was just sending values from web page and receive the data in excel format using servlets. But, now, i want to fetch data from data base. I will be giving inputs in the web page(for the query)....ON click of submit button, Servlet

Accessing postgresql record using servlet

Hello every body, I am trying to access the postgresql database using servlet. But I found the error of ClassNotFound exception: org.postgresql.Driver. One thing more I am using eclipse ide. I have used the postgresql-8.1-404.jdbc3 driver. And I have

Display Message using Servlet

I tried to display message prompt to the user using servlet. Can anyone has this code or guideline that can guide me??what you need to do is request.setAttribute("error", "search item doesnot exist") if surname, designation is null or

Building a simple email application using servlet

i'm having problem with my codes. actually,i'm using james(java apache mail enterprise server) as my transport agent. my problem is linking james with my java compiler(Netbean 4.1).my main class is a servlet application is suppose to receive

How to access serial port using servlet

I want to communicate with a microcontroller connected to the serial port of my computer. *I am using the following: Windows 98 operating system Tomcat web server 4.1 *The directory structure is as given: Tomcat 4.1/webapps/myjsp/web-inf/classes/remo