Images won't open properly in cs6

I upgraded from cs5 to cs6 and my images are not opening properly in cs6.  What can I do?


Melin1990 wrote:
What can I do?
You could explain what "not opening properly" means.

IPhoto 09 won't open properly

HI all, after a recent synching with an iphone my iphoto won't open for me, it's still on my dash but won't open. When I hold right click it appears from the lower right screen, but when I move my arrow over it a blue highlight surrounds the window,

Images won't open in Adobe external editor

I can't get my images to open up in Photoshop eventhough it is set up as my external editor. When I select a picture to open with via the chosen external editor, a second version of my original is made within Aperture(with the external editor badge o

Disk of images won't open

I burned a disk with photographic images. It was working properly at the time I burned it. Now, I want to open it and I can hear the drive grinding away, but it finally spits it out. The disk works fine on my husband's Power Book G4 with the same ope

Camera Raw won't open in Photoshop CS6

Wanting to begin using the Camera Raw plug-in for PS CS6, I find that it isn't active. (1) In Bridge CS6, the ACR icon in the top menu is grayed out; (2) after clicking a JPEG image file in Bridge, then right-clicking it, there's no option to open it

Project won't open properly on other machines

I built a project by importing the topics from a version of the project that crashed often. The project is now stable, but only on my machine. It's uploaded to Sharepoint. When another author works on it when I'm away, there are hundreds of broken li

(Some) Bing (formerly Multimedia) maps won't open properly

I am trying to access the maps associated with the names on the list of plaques at: on a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium and AVG Internet Security 2011. Many of the maps have an ove

Iphoto won't open properly

When I click on iphoto, the upper menu bar turns to iphoto, but no work window or photos come up. I reloaded my OS several times last week when working on another problem. Now everything works great except iphoto.Welcome to the Apple Discussions. It

New versions of images won't upload properly

I am having trouble uploading new versions of images with the same file name, and I cannot figure out why. You can see the corners of the blue side bar headers do not match the color of the rest of the header. I ch

Images saved in Photoshop CS6 as PNG or jpeg won't open on Windows computers

I recently saved an image on Photoshop CS6 as a PNG file so I could send it as an attachment to a client (who uses a Windows computer). They told me the file wouldn't open and instead showed as an "Unknown File". I tried opening the file on my W

Prelude CS6 Cloud won't open

Hi I just bought CS6 Cloud and all programmes open up perfect expt Prelude. Prelude opens up with the  splash screen, I can see that loading reaches QuickTime.prm and then the program shuts down abruptly. Do you have any idea how I can solve this pro

Bridge won't open images

When I double click an image in Bridge, the image won't open in Photoshop. That's only one of numerous problems I am having with the Bridge that came out with PS CS3, but this has just occurred in the last day. I restarted the computer, but that does

Should I update apps to ios 8 version on my iphone 4? For example: Facebook messenger does not open properly.

SShould I shut off all app updates from settings?An iPhone 4 cannot be updated to iOS 8. Apps that require iOS 8 won't run on an iPhone 4. You should be able to use the Facebook Messenger app on iOS 7 >  Facebook Messenger on the App Store on iTunes

IPhoto Library won't open after upgrade to mountain lion

One of my iPhoto libraries (stored on a WD Pasport Studio) won't open properly after upgrade to Mountain Lion 4oo5 open ok. One opens but disc symbol keeps spinning and Iphoto stops responding. Any ideas?See if anything in here will fix it: 1. Hold d

Dreamweaver CS6 won't open, tried to update software, but software won't load

I have CS6 (not cloud) installed on my computer, I use Photoshop and Illustrator regularly with no problems.  I recently got a freelance job that requires me to use Dreamweaver.  I've used it in the past but it's been some time since I've opened the

Preview won't open JPG image on a USB stick.

Preview won't open 'JPG' images downloaded from a USB stick. I get this message, "The image"IMG_0091.JPG" could not be opened"  It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn't recognise. I can see the thumbnail, but they wo

I can't open a new window in Firefox 4 on my mac. Was working great. I installed new mac firmware and restarted, probably without closing Firefox properly. Now window won't open.

Hi: As noted above, Firefox won't open a new window. I restarted machine without closing Firefox. Now, I get the Firefox menu bar but it won't open a window. I'm using mac, with OS X 10.6Firefox doesn't install new versions of plugins, but Flash may

Adobe Illustrator CS6 won't open in Mac 10.10 without Java SE 6 Runtime. Where do I get it.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 won't open in Mac 10.10 without Java SE 6 Runtime. Where do I get it. I went to Jave and downloaded the latest version of Java 8 Update 31 for Mac, but it still won't open.dchasin, You may be able to get round the legacy JAVA re

Adobe acrobat x cs6 won't open.

adobe acrobat x CS6 won't open, i tried the acrofix.exe, but still the same, noting that the exit code is 3 not 0, can someone help please.hi Anubha,  please note that i tried your solution with no luck, noting that the acrofix give exit:3  not 0, pl

Safari won't open / enlarge image thumbnails

Hello, When on websites that have image galleries or thumbnails to enlarge, such as Carsales / Real Estate style websites, Safari won't open or enlarge the image when clicked upon. This seems to be only as of the latest Java update. Any help would be