Images won't open in Adobe external editor

I can't get my images to open up in Photoshop eventhough it is set up as my external editor. When I select a picture to open with via the chosen external editor, a second version of my original is made within Aperture(with the external editor badge on it), Photoshop proceeds to open, but the image does not open in Photoshop to allow for edits.
Can someone recommend a fix?


Are you using CS2 or CS3? There might be something weird going on with the emulation if you're using CS2.
Barring that, I'd open up Aperture, set the external to nothing, quit Aperture, reopen, then reset it to PS again. Kind of a pain, but stuff like that has worked in the past for me. Also, do you have the latest version of Aperture (1.5.3)? If not, update.
You might also want to try pointing it to a different external editor – if it works on the alternate one, then it might have something to do with your Photoshop installation, which then might necessitate a reinstall.
My last (well, 2nd last to uninstalling and reinstalling Aperture) suggestion would be to repair permissions and cross my fingers.