Image Placed into InDesign CS6 appears reversed/missing

I am using InDesign CS6 on Windows 7, 64-bit.
I have worked in InDesign off and on for the past three years and have never experienced this problem before. I have always placed images into InDesign with no problem and now I have this *one* image that won't place correctly, after placing two images in the same fashion.
The original image (JPEG) was opened in Photoshop CS6. I removed the background. Changed to CMYK. Saved as .TIFF, preserved as transparency. Then placed in InDesign.
It either shows up "Reversed", like this (no transparency when saving as a TIFF in Photoshop first):
Or just kinda outlined, like this (saving as a TIFF with a transparency in Photoshop first):
I can't see the image. It prints this way, too.
I've tried other images, they are all fine. I always place TIFFs with no problem, so I'm really stumped here.
I've tried placing as a .PSD, .EPS and .TIFF and nothing works. The two other images to the left of the weird one were placed in the same way with no problems.
Any ideas?


OMG. THAT WORKED. I have lost two hours of my life trying to figure that out. I am forever thankful to you!!!
Here's the settings that WORKED: