Ifconfig -a output shows duplicate output

When I run the ifconfig -a command on the solaris 10 virtual machine I get an output which contains the below entry
Also, I could find the following entry in /var/adm/messages file
Apr 9 20:06:59 penguin ip: [ID 567813 kern.warning] WARNING: e1000g0 has duplicate address (in use by 00:00:66:61:6b:65) ; disabled
Apr 9 20:06:59 penguin in.routed[471]: [ID 238047 daemon.warning] interface e1000g0 to turned off
the output of arp -a only shows the following
e1000g0 SM 01:00:5e:00:00:00
I have waited for a few hrs now for this issue of the duplicate IP address to get resolved automatically but it still perists.
Actually this IP address was working perfect till yesterday .
Today I copied my vm to a different machine and then started it . Thats when all the problem started.
The ifconfig output always give the DUPLICATE message .
How do I rectify this problem
Thanks In Advance,


You need to get whatever is responding to that address to stop It's not that easy. Detecting of asumed duplicate IPs has become more "sensitive" with a late Solaris 10 release (or patch). These installations of Solaris even detects running IPs in other broadcast domains. In former Solaris 10 releases this was not a problem, i could define interfaces of several systems with the same (virtual) IP, as long as these systems did not act as a gateway. This has changed and is not possible anymore. We had to redefine IPs in our network for that reason...

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