ID5: Table cell strokes &!^@)ed up

I'm trying to add a stroke to the top and bottom of a selection of cells. Sometime it works, sometimes it adds the stroke too all sides of all cells in the selection. What's going on? Even it I select just the bottom row and try to stroke the bottom I get tops and sides stroked, too. Also, the wrongly added stroke is the wrong weight (1 pt, instead of 0.5 pt). WTF x 2!
I've tried using the Control panel and the Stroke panel. Makes no difference.
This is extremely frustrating. What should be a simple process is taking a very long time to get right, adding strokes that shouldn't be added, then selectively removing them from individual cells.


> Do you have a 1 pt. Table Border applied?
No. No table border applied until I went in to selectively apply the strokes to selected cells. The Table Style I started from has no strokes.
>If you turn off all Table Strokes, and then turn off all Cell Strokes, then apply the .5 pt. stroke to the desired cells, does that work?
No. That's basically what I'm doing. I select a range of cells that have no strokes, neither between the cells nor around any side on the selection.
>And when you apply the cell stroke, you only need to have the middle horizontal cell selected.
No. I want to stroke the top of the selection and the bottom of the selection, so the middle segments are un-highlighted.

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