IChat setup between my MB Pro and a PC

I'm trying to hook up iChat with my wife's standard issue Dell. I bought a camera for her and she set up the AIM account.
She can see and hear me, but I can only hear her and not see her. I only see myself???
Also, when I invite her, she accepts and then the operation times out on her end and my Mac said she declined. Any help here?


Run iChat on Windows? Given, his description of what he wants to do is not as clear as it could be, nowhere does it say that he is installing iChat on his wife's computer. He is trying to CONNECT to his wife's Dell computer, she has a web-cam and has the ability for video through AIM....
gmirg: I found an article concerning what you are trying to accomplish. I am not sure if this specific article will work but you can always google your issue. If you don't find what you're looking for with your initial search, get more specific with the versions of the OS for each computer and the version of iChat to connect to AIM using video.
Hope this helps..... PJ