IChat Microphone option not showing!

Im trying to set up ichat on a new macbook white and im having some trouble. On a video call everything works fine except the other person cant hear me!
When I go into the ichat preferences 'audio/video' tab the microphone drop-down option is gone!
What am I doing wrong?


The System Preferences will list two items if you have an Internal Mic and the Line In socket.
The Internal Mic if selected should then show the Blue response bars when you talk.
The Volume of this Input is controlled by the slider.
For your Buddy to hear you this has to be set to get the blue bars between 1/2 and 3/4s of the way to the right.
If it is bouncing across to the far Right "Clipping" will occur, where the sound is cut to protect the circuitry (your Buddy hears nothing)
I also posted
n iChat in the Video Menu is the Microphone enable item ticked ?
The Mic selected has then has to be ON to be seen in iChat.
The idea of Starting up Garage Band if you have installed iLife recently is a good one.
It just needs to be opened once to do the Initialization you see.
After that it can be Quit again.
7:24 PM Monday; January 4, 2010
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