IBook or MacBook  Pro

Hi i was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I am a new mac user and I was wondering what laptop I should get. I am trying to debate between the iBook 14" or the 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro. I am not a very advanced computer user. Like I go on the web a lot and check email and use itunes and iphoto the most. I also use Word and maybe play some occasional computer games too. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


In no way shape or form does the MacBook Pro suit your needs. From what you are saying, you use the "iLifes" and some basic gaming. The iBook G4 14" will suit you fine, and with the left over money you can buy a good external hard drive, wireless mouse/keyboard, Monk Episodes, candy bars, etc. If you were to buy the MacBook Pro, I would assume you are going through a midlife crisis. Why spend the extra money on a computer that is for Professional when you actually will get a whole lot more with a more economical one. Really though, it comes down to a couple of things:
Your budget, can you afford that expense (Buy AppleCare No Matter What!)
What you think.
What your friends think.
What the Apple Employee tells you.
And your last minute urge when you are getting ready to buy a computer!
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