I tried upgrading iTunes and it says I'm missing the file AppleVersions.dll .  What do I do?

I recently uninstalled one of those "free trial" music download things, and now my iTunes won't work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I keep getting the same message "AppleVersions.dll is missing" What do I do? I've been trying to fix this all week, and I'm about ready to smash my iPod to smithereens.


lmm07100 wrote:
I LOVE you!!! 
It worked, now iTunes is running.  If I can ask one more question, my iPod is "attached" to an old laptop that I don't have anymore. Apple tells me there's no way to merge the music on my iPod with the music in my iTunes account.  I no longer have the CDs as I didn't think I'd need them anymore once the songs were on my iPod. Any advice here? I can't believe I'd have to lose all that music.
Apple has to respect the agreement between them and the copyright owners, we users here have to respect Apple and can't recommned software that can potentially be used to infringe copyrights.
So I point you in the direction of iLounge, users there can help you with a third party solution.
If you have the old laptop and can extract the hard drive, use a IDE/SATA to USB adapter or boot the laptop from a Linux disk/USB, the files can be recovered.
I have detailed instructions if your interested I can post them.
And thank you in advance for the points.