I need some help with Flash Player. I have to constantly reinstall it on my computer.

Can someone please help me with this??


Pat, I have a Dell XPS Computer using Windows 7. I have had it for a little over a year and had no problems what so ever. Now all of a sudden my Flash Player has to be reinstall at least once every day if not more to work, but it does work great after it's reinstalled for as long as it will last. It does work fine when I use Google Chrome and I never have a problem there. I have uninstalled all of my Adobe products and reinstalled them but it did not help. I run Malware Bytes at least once a week and use System Mechanic every day and neither has found any problems with my system. I am not a tech but I am not a novis either.   Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!!!  Thanks

I need some help getting flash player 10.2

I need to have an older version of flash because my SiteGrinder web software doesn't work with flash 10.3. Can anyone please give me a version of 10.2 or a valid link where I could get a copy of it? I would appreciate it. Thank youI just installed Ca

Need some help with the Select query.

Need some help with the Select query. I had created a Z table with the following fields : ZADS : MANDT VKORG ABGRU. I had written a select query as below : select single vkorg abgru from ZADS into it_rej. IT_REJ is a Work area: DATA : BEGIN OF IT_REJ

Need some help with ".png" image.

Good day everyone. Here's the run down. I need to add an image (image "A") ontop of another image (image"B"). Image "B" is a paterned background. And Image "A" a logo with a transparent background. As it stands I ha

Need some help with region position

Hi, I need som help with regions position.... Background: I have 2 regions, I will call them reg1, reg2 and reg3. reg1 = Page Template Body (2. items below region content), column 1, search region. reg2 = Page Template Body (2. items below region con

Help request - Could need some help with a logo for my site

Hi I'm working on a project and i have come across a huge problem. please check out my logo on this site: http://www.tuxxen.com I have no idea how i should make my logo and  it seems like i have no skills to make one either,  i have been trying for d

Need some help with sound quality

Hi guys, new here. I'm working on creating an album on my own. Bass and vocals are real, everything else is using software instruments. I have about 8 songs done, but the problem is I don't really know what I'm doing as far as recording and levels go

Need some help with pictures

Hi, I need some help to try to understand some of my issues; i'm creating a catalogue for a company and i'm uploading TIFFs pictures (600 of them). My problem is that this catalogue is both for print and web but is getting really heavy as a file, is

Need some help with my thunderbolt!!!!!!

i was on it the night before. then at 4 am it goes to the HTC white screen and does nothing else but that. I have tried everything from rebooting to taking out my SD card. I need some help. Is there anyone out there?    Everyone, I'm so upset to hear

Need help with flash player installation please !!!!

Hello, I need help with my flash player installation because every time I access a movie this is the message I receive.  This content on Xfinity TV is not available for viewing with Chrome's "Incognito" mode. To play this video using Chrome, ple

Need help with Flash Player

I have been having problems with this for months and still no help.  PLEASE HELP. I am using Windows Vista  and firefox is my Browser.  When I go to download it instead of Run File it only gives me a option to Save or Cancel File.  When I load flash

Need help with flash player / slider bar navigation

Hello, I am having a flash player developed right now for a intensive video site. I have a few questions since I'm new to flash. I would like the users to be able to jump forward in the video at any point. However, the player my developer gave me can

C an anyone help with Flash Player Activation help?

Cannot install Flash Plater on firefox. Get error message: Procedure entry point Set Dll directory W could not be located i the Dynamic link libray. I have been troubleshooting this for a week and cannot get information I need to address this. Can an

Need some help with a program Please.

Well, im new here, im new to java, so i need your help, i have to make a connect four program, my brother "Kind of" helped me and did a program for me, but the problem is i cant use some of those commands in the program and i have to replace the

Need some help with my xorg.conf My screen "flickers".

Hello. I have a problem with the refresh rate on my screen. I don't know what values to use in my xorg.conf. It's a lenovo thinkpad x61 (not tablet). The problem is that when something is moving on the screen, the image flickers and I get some lines

Need some help with a small issue.

Im running my computer with a K8T Neo2, a Gigabyte Maya II R9700Pro, and 4x512 400 Mhz memorys (Unsure about the label.). Recently i also purshased & installed a Creative X-Fi Platinum (Togheter with the sound system i bought a few days earlier.) Als

Need some help with Keynote export

I want to create an swf file from Keynote that will be used in a looped Powerpoint slideshow. It will be no longer than 1 minute long. I create the file and export as a .mov. Then I used Visualhub to convert to an .swf. People have had lots of issues

Hello, im new to mac and I need some help with a java problem.

Hello, im new to mac. I just need someone who can help with a problem ive come across when playing online games that run java. The game is arcanists. its on the funorb website. really fun game and i love it, but i cant play it without my screen keep

Need some help with the colour profile please. Urgent! Thanks

Dear all, I need help with the colour profile of my photoshop CS6.  I've taken a photo with my Canon DSLR. When I opened the raw with ACDSee, the colour looks perfectly ok. So I go ahead and open in photoshop. I did nothing to the photo. It still loo

Need some help with iMessage

Last night I sent someone a message through iMessage. I did not have her phone number but I sent it to the email address she uses on her iPad. It went out and shows in green (so it seems it went as sms?????). I did get one message back to the same de