I need help with rendering a video.

PC specs: http://gyazo.com/8c5f268350b92762adc1f4229797eba5
Adobe After Effects info: Updated about an hour ago.
Video File info: http://gyazo.com/90a0b66c4dfa99d9d396eb561ac79a49 and http://gyazo.com/74ef689f606792b8a855e6e7d3c45396
Problem: I can't render the effects I added. The render time is over 300 hours.
Details: I got AE yesturday and I imported in a video that I already edited and rendered with Sony Vegas 12. I imported it into AE to add some 3D tracked text for the intro. I added all the text in and I'm ready to render. First try rendering I just get the same exact video I imported, no effects, no text, nothing different. The first render took about 19 minutes. Now the second time I tried changing the format that it would render to. I changed it to h.624 and got told it would take 434 hours to render, I waited about 5 minutes and that time never dropped. I stopped the render, looked online and was told restarting my computer might help. I restarted and tried to render this time in Quicktime, I got about 345 hours this time. Also I was only using 11% of 11.9gb of RAM according to AE.
The video does not have that many effects in it at all. It is simply 3D text tracked to an object for about 7 seconds. I also just need the intro to render so I can put it back together in Vegas 12. Everytime it does render I end up with the same exact video with no effects.
This is what I'm seeing right now: http://gyazo.com/f5fcc73636171c8213451288a507c2ae 14 hours to render a 10 second clip with only some 3D text. about 300 frames.


Thanks for posting the screenshots.  It really helps with assessing your problem.
You say "just some 3D text" but I presume this is extruded 3D text using the Ray Traced render option in After Effects.
Unfortunately, your AMD display card does not allow GPU acceleration of After Effects Ray Traced rendering, with the result that you will see ridiculous render times like those you are seeing.  The AE Ray Traced render engine is extremely slow without exactly the right display card - see the System Requirements here.
If you are using AE CC you may wish to explore the Cinema 4D integration with AE. 
Otherwise, you can fake 3D extrusion by manually building a stack of identical layers in a precomp, or using a script that does the stacking for you. 
You can also try third party 3D plugins like Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator, or Video Copilot Element 3D.

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