I'm new and need some help.

Hello Everyone,
I bought my Lenovo 3000 last August and the keyboard letters started rubbing off and when I called they said it send it in. I sent it in and all of a sudden I had a liquid spill. I only had the computer less than three months. I never even spilled liquid on the laptop. Then all of a sudden my computer was returned with a new keyboard. Nothing else was said about the liquid spill.
Fastforward.  My computer started acting weird in April 08 and I called to get help. For two months they had me downloading things from their site saying it would work. I finally got someone to help me then they said my warrenty was up, I had to send all my information in again and then I sent in my computer. When I sent it in, I didn't hear anything for a week and then I received a call and a massage saying I had liquid spill. I never wasted water on the computer or any other liquid. They told me it was going to be 800.00 plus change to fix and said they wasn't doing anything to the computer without me paying up front. This was just about the amount I paid for the laptop. Since they sent the laptop back, it doesn't work. Now my keyboard doesn't work and I don't know what to do. My warrenty has now expired on 8/16. Does anyone know where I can get my laptop repaired?


Thank you for responding. This is my first computer/laptop. I didn't know I could have requested that. I can't send it back now b/c my warrenty is up. Does anyone know of a good repair place then or is this a lost cause?