I have "Explicit" song tags in iTunes, but they (the tags, not the songs) are not showing up on my iPhone.

I recently found a way to add the "EXPLICIT" tag to songs in my iTunes Library (using Subler), and just presumed that the tags were not showing up in my iPhone Music because the phone simply did not have the function to display them.
However, after updating to iOS 7, and seeing every song I have ever purchased, I noticed that the iPhone can indeed show whether songs are explicit or not (by marking them with a letter 'E').
Therefore I am just wondering why I can see whether songs are explicit on my Mac, yet not on my iPhone. I have tried removing the songs from my iTunes Library, syncing to remove them from my phone, re-adding them to my Library, and then re-syncing to put them back onto my phone, and the explicit tag still does not show up.
Please can you help me resolve this.


If you are syncing your contacts from your PC with iCloud, they are not transferred to your phone using iTunes.  They are synced to your phone using iCloud, either over wifi or your cellular data network.
First go to icloud.com with your computer browser, sign into your account and open Contacts there to confirm that your contacts appear.  If they do, go to Settings>iCloud on your phone, sign into your account and turn Contact on.  Assuming your phone is either connected to wifi or your cellular data network, the contacts should then download from iCloud to your phone.