I hate [email protected]#$!

It is not the first time that it happened to me, but it will soon be the last time, as I cannot stand this sort of thing much longer!
I have just answered a plea for help in one of the product forums, with several links to KB articles and other resources.  Reread the whole thing, then click [Post Message].
Some red message appeared, that I have no right to post in this forum -- I had been logged out!
Needless to say that using the browsers 'Back' buttons did not bring my post back!
Needless to say that I did not retype my reply!
That 24 hours login cycle is not by itself stupid - in fact other forums have that as well.  But - but! - other forums log you out 24 hours after the last usage/presence, not 24 hours after login! ← That is stupid!


PjonesCET wrote:
Feel free to blast me if my question sound stupid. But that never stopped me?
How are you invoking the quote?
If I type a reply then click quote button, then click quote button that's excatly what happens.
If on the other hand I click quote first, then type reply. See here I deliberately typed first then quoted
Ansury wrote:
This GD FORUM won't let me type below this quote in my browser, for some reason, so I'm writing above.  %#@$ YOU JIVE!
2nd paragraph) Read this part second (this paragraph was supposed to be below the first), because the other problem is when I hit enter to add a few newlines... the extra lines end up [email protected]#$ing above where my enter cursor was!  Sometimes.  Other times (not sure when yet) if I hit enter it does add the extra lines below, but it doesn't move the [email protected]#[email protected]%& input cursor down to the last line as well, so I have to hit arrow keys to move down.  I'm getting tired of hitting enter over and over and using cut/paste tricks just to get my damn text in order on this POS.  I swear this thing is the biggest piece of trash forum software I've ever seen in my life.  And I am not exaggerating one bit, I'm not even trying to be funny.  It's even worse than the Yahoo groups forums....arrrrrrrgh!!!  So I guess I'm back to using Chrome again... funny how the lowest market share browser seems to work the best huh.  If it wasn't for the humor and goofing off on this forum I'd probably have blasted off and left in anger to go to the only other good alternative forum for me--a crummy Yahoo groups forum.  I still may...
1st paragraph)Usually I click the stupid "quote" button before I type anything.  In Opera, if I then try to add text below the quote (like where I'm typing now), it sometimes (these Jived up forums are unpredictable) puts the text I'm typing above the quote even though I clicked below it to add text.  This works fine in Chrome or IE (if this crap ran at a reasonable speed in IE), it actually behaves differently depending on your browser.