I go online on ichat and it says available on my screen, but on my friends ichat it says im offline?

so i go on ichat and it says available but for all my friends it says im offline so help?


If you are using iChat 6 and have multiple Accounts logged in go to the iChat Menu > Preferences > General section and Unlink the Buddy Lists.
Now check the account you are talking about is Logged In and showing Available.
If it does not appear to be this then check logins from other app including Web Browser Access to AIM Express.
AIM Express has a default two week Login period if you DO NOT Specifically Log out.
Even if you adjust your AIM Accounts Settings On Line and don't log out you are Logged in for the Default Period (Again two weeks)
It is much the same and Google and Facebook if you don't log out.
Don't forget any mobile device use of AIM Express or Google or Facebook chat.
8:12 PM      Monday; December 12, 2011
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