I don' Know the input/output range for my AT-MIO-16L-9 card.

I did'nt have any problem, but sudenly my computer does not recognize my device. When I run the Ni-Daq recognition utility I don't Know what to put into the input/output range, I also have Windows NT 4.0


First, reverify the proper installation by going to: http://www.ni.com/support/install/.
For information on the input and output ranges, you can find this information in the User Manual: http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/320476.pdf.
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The best output device for iPod?

Hallo Everybody, Somedays ago I have seen an heard the T+A Caruso(http://www.taelektroakustik.de/deu/ta2/caruso/caruso.htm). This was it! Yes! Internetradio, CD and iPod in a perfect Combination of Sound! - and then the cold shower - 1700 Euro not $!

I want to delete someone from using my apple id- the problem is I don't know the security questions and for some reason it is set up to email that person and I dont want that person on my account.

I have set up my apple id years ago in my name- my husband recently used my id for his phone and has the email password changes going to him- I want to change this and no longer allow him access to my apple id.  How do I do this?  I don't know the se

Input / Output error for new HDD on MacBook Pro 5.5

Hi there, New to Apple Support Communities I have a problem with a MacBook Pro 5.5 Intel Core 2 Duo Original Fujitsu 160GB HDD crashed and I replaced it with a Hitachi 250GB HDD. Hitachi 250GB drive is partitioned to GUID Partition Scheme but when I

Want to know the sale order report for Delivery bclok at header level

Dear, i would like to know some reports 1). I would like to know  is ther any  SAP std report  is available for Sale order if Blocked for delivery(VBAK-LIFSK)?? 2). is ther any report for knowing the Sale order  if header/item text  is maintained?? P

Table to know the last loaded date for a ODS  and InfoObject?

Table to know the last loaded date  and time for a ODS  and InfoObject?Hi Muruganand,     The only way is through code ... there is no direct and simple method ... what you need to do is find hte highest Timestamp value for DP_NR = 000001. Then get t

I went to create a itunes account and entered the wrong e-mail in and my ITunes confirmation code was sent to that e-mail. The person who recieved the e-mail shouldnt be able to keep it due to they dont know the password i made for the account correct?

I went to set up an ITunes account and entered the WRONG e-mail. After everything was complete it sent the Itunes conformation number to the wrong e-mail. I dont believe they can use it because they dont know the password it will ask them for that e-

What is the possible output format for a BAPI  ?

Can anybody tell me what is the possible output format of a BAPI. What happens when a BAPI excecutes ? thanksHi, All the output message/feedback about a trasaction are stored in the RETURN parameter table . You can read that RETURN internal table usi

To All Apple Customer's Don't Know the iOS Version Compatible for your Device ~ CLICK HERE ~

iOS 4.3 unavailable iOS 4.3.1 unavailable iOS 4.3.2 • iPhone 4 (GSM model) • iPhone 3GS • iPad 2 • iPad • iPod touch (4th generation) • iPod touch (3rd generation) iOS 5.0 • iPhone 4S • iPhone 4 • iPhone 3GS • iPad 2 • iPad • iPod touch (4th generati

Help!!! Need to extend the airport wireless range for my place of business

I was recently moved to an area in my place of business where my wireless connection is just out of range from my macbook pro. My job requires me to be connected constantly to the internet and am stuck on how I can reconnect to our companies wifi net

What is the best output format for idvd

Am I better publishing to media browser and choosing "large," or is it better to export to Quicktime, and if so, what is the highest quality to choose for going to iDVD. This will be a presentation on a very large screen. Thanks.The answer is: i

Input/output sound for MacBook Pro 10.6.8

The sound is not working properly for my narrated powerpoint presentation. I have recorded it on my MacBook Pro 10.6.8 and I get some sound but it sounds like feedback or something (like a scary phantom voice). I am using the internal microphone and

I need to know the best usb interface for garage band

need to record at least 4 xlr inputs at same time on seperate tracks price is an issue cheaper is better maybe a usb mixer?i believe others have posted about using it successfully, but i have no personal experience with it (i use _this interface_ whi

Nvidia Input/Output error. Could not open the device file /dev/nvidia0

Hello, I finally have Arch running on my MacBook pro 3,1 (mid 2007) but when I startx after installing Nvidia drivers it gives the Input/Output error and states "could not open device file /dev/nvidia0." I tried everything from the Nvidia wiki,

Hello!  I have an iMac that I lose the audio output for certain profiles.  The audio output will work on one profile, but when switching to another profile, I lose the audio output.  I've reset the NVRAM/PRAM and that hasn't solved the problem.  Help!

Hello! I have an iMac (running iOS 10.6.8, not upgraded to Lion) that I'm having audio issues with.  I have 5 profiles on this machine.  The audio output will work fine out of one profile, then when switched to another, the profile will not have any

Changing the LiveCycle ES4 Launch Pad Output Folder for PDF Conversion

I have an instance of Adobe Live Cycle ES4 on WebSphere installed on a Windows 2008 R2 server. We're leveraging the Launch Pad desktop GUI as a PDF conversion tool for our end users. The document to PDF conversion functionality is working great but t

HT2995 I have no audio output implementing the toslink digital , can see the red light at the input end to audio recv'r any thoughts

does the toslink output need turned on , currently there's a toslink connected to the headphone output , but no audioHello, what shows as Sound Ouput choices in System Preferences>Sound? Also... Open Audio Midi Setup in Applications>Utilities, see t

Output type for intercompany credit and debit memo

Dear SD Gurus, I am working for the IDOC Credit and debit memo process. I have listed below the steps which I have done to get the process to be done. 1) Intercompany sales order created. 2) Delivery. 3) Invoice.(Accounting document generated) 4) Int

Buffered input/output stream

How the buffereing is done in buffered input/output streams? From the API doc I got to know that they use internal buffer to store bytes before they can be read or written. But i found that File input/output stream also have methods like read(byte[])

Std output type for 311 movement type

hi friends, I am very new in SAP MM. could you tell me what is the standard output type for taking print of 311 inventory documentI created 311 document with MB1B. now i want to assign output type either while creating document or in MB02.I dont know