I'd like to create my own private WiFi network from a public WiFi network

I am often in locations where there are open WiFi networks and I'd like to use an Express to create a private WiFi network from the available public one.?
If the express can't do it on it's own can I add another router to make it work? I have ethernet connected PC's and NAS devices I want to use. Thanks


If you need ethernet connections for your "private" network, an AirPort Extreme (or virtually any other router with ethernet capability for that matter) would work.
So, an AirPort Express to "receive" the public wireless signal and provide an ethernet signal to the second router which could be configured to provide both ethernet and wireless connections. Just be sure to setup the AirPort Extreme to "share a public IP address". You'll get a Double NAT message, but you can click to ignore this.
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