I cannot get my iphone 4 to sync to Outlook 2010 since iOS6

Evidently something has changed since I upgraded to iOS6. My calendar items do not sync with Outlook 2010. I need some help figuring this one out.


No error messages, but I did figure out the solution. Since iOS6 relies on the iCloud for data backup, the default calendar was set to iCloud. I went into settings and made the following change:
Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars> scrolled down to Calendars and set the Default Calendar to  Calendar "From My PC"
I had been able to put anything on my calendar in Outlook 2010 and it would show up on my phone during a sync, but had not been a two way street.
Now data flows to both the phone and outlook regardless of where it is entered. So its all fixed now. No software reinstalls. Yea!