I can't find the ICloud icon in System Preferences on my IMac

Ok, IMac running OS X 10.6.8. I am not able to locate the ICloud icon to set ICloud on my IMac to help me share my photos between my iPad and my Android phone. Any Suggestions? Thank you :-)


See this link for the requirements:
My Photo Stream FAQ - Apple Support http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201317

HT5848 I can't find the radio icon on my phone and on my iTunes

I can't find the radio icon on my phone and on my iTunesAre you in the U.S? From the article you linked: " iTunes Radio is U.S. only."Read other 2 answers

How do I turn off my pop-up blocker I can't find the tools icon

I can't find the tools icon I have shockwave and Java plugin 1.6.0Click Firefox button > Options > Options > Content tab.<br /> You can still use the Menu Bar, with the Tools choice. To temporarily display the Menu Bar, press the ALT key or

I can't find the Trash icon anywhere on Mac

I can't find the Trash icon anywhere on my mac pro. I needed to clean some startup desk space and thought to start with emptying the trash but I can't find it anywhere. I thought it might be hidden so I made the Library visible through typing a code

HT204291 I can't find the AirPlay icon on my iPhone 4s & I'm on os6. My iPad is fine, can anyone help?

I can't find the AirPlay icon on my iPhone 4s & I'm on os6. My iPad is fine, can anyone help?Thanks, but I've done that and it's not there! It's there on the iPad.Read other 4 answers

Cannot open any Pages documents made prior to upgrading to Yosemie. Pages does not appear in the iCloud list in system preferences.

Upgraded to Yosemite. Upgraded Pages to latest version. Uninstalled older versions of pages (made with iWork '09). Now I cannot open any Pages documents made prior to upgrading. I keep getting the same redundant message: "You need a newer version of

I can't access the iCloud icon in settings on my iPhone 4?

Both the iCloud icon & FaceTime icon in Settings is a cloudy color and when I click on either of them nothing happens. Also the iTunes app icon is no longer on my home screen. The iTunes section & apps in Settings appear in the same bright colors

I can't click the "icloud icon" to download my purchase in the itunes store.

I am trying to download purchased music on my computer that my daughter purchased on her itouch (her iTouch broke).  I see the icloud icon to download, but i can't click it.  Help!Welcome to the Apple community. Could you please give us a little more

I can't find the apps icon on my new iphone5

PLease help....I can seem to find the app icon on my new iPhone 5 to download my apps?Thanks for that. It was off, now I've switched it on how do I download my apps ?Read other 3 answers

Where can I find the iCloud on my MacBook?

I've already updated iTunes to 10.5... but have no idea where to find the iCloud!! Please help!iCloud requires OSX Lion 10.7.2 http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4759 OSX Lion is a paid upgrade avaiable at the Mac App Store http://www.apple.com/macosx/how

Where can i find the 'notes' icon on my iMac?

Bought an iMac a couple of years ago and only just realised the 'Notes' icon is not in the Applications so I can't sync notes with m iPhone or iPad. Can anyone help with this?Notes isn't available in Mac OS X versions prior to 10.8. Back up your data

No icloud icone in system preference

HI, I have Mac book air version 10.6.8 when I go on system preference I don't find icloud icone to click in. May be when I installed I answered no to some question on icloud , what I have to do to have it in my mcbook air? thanks marcoI also have 10.

I can't sign into icloud from my system preference!!

We have two desk top mac's OS X 10.9.3.  We switched the house computer to our office and visa versa.  After unplugging it and setting it back up the one now in the house will not let me sign into my iCloud from the System Preference area. (the other

Where can i find the bookmark icon in my computer

im trying to get the icone so i can put the same bookmark in another computer.You want to move bookmarks from Firefox on computer #1 to Firefox on computer #2? You have two options: Backup/Restore and Export/Import. The difference is that a "restore&

HT204053 Can not find the icloud symbol in my settings

Trying to find cloud in my settings and not sure what operating system I am on?To find out what iOS version you have check Settings>General>About>Version.  iCloud requires iOS 5 or higher; you will then find it in Settings>iCloud.  If you don'

HT5527 II can't find icloud icon in systems preferences (to make an upgrade)

I run 10.6.8Open the Mac App Store and try purchasing Mountain Lion 10.8. If you get told it's incompatible, choose About this Mac from the Apple menu, check if the computer has at least a Core 2 Duo(not Core Duo) or better CPU with at least 2GB of R

Cannot find the iCloud app on iMac Computer, how do I obtain it

Ho do I install  iCloud on my  I MacPlease always post your operating system when you have a question: it can make a considerable difference to the answer. If you do not have an iCloud icon in System Preferences then you are presumably running an old

I have just bought an ipad mini with ret.display, I wish to link up my Mac Book Pro (10.6.8 system) to iCloud. In system preferences there is no iCloud icon to select. How do I get my MacBook updated to accept iCloud.

I have just bought an ipad mini with ret.display, I wish to link up my MacBook Pro to icloud with my ipad, but my MacBook doesnt have an icloud icon in system preferences. How do I upgrade my MacBook to accept iCloud link.See -> Mavericks System Requ

Strange "speech" icon in System Preferences

The "speech" icon in System Preferences looks like a white oversized box with a lightswitch in it. The word "speech" is cut off along the bottom of this box-like icon. Any ideas as to what might have caused this, and if I can fix it? T

I purchased Pages. But i can't find the icon or where it was loaded. I need to write a resume...

I purchased Pages. But i can't find the icon or where it was loaded. I need to write a resumeDid you purchase it from the iTunes Store or did you do the purchase from the App Store on the iPad? Go to Search, and type in Pages, if nothing shows your i