I attempted to use classic Norton utilities on an OSX Computer

This story begins with a perfectly functioning IbookG4. I was transferring data by using my laptop as a target and then, I decided to run norton using my friend's G4 running OS9.2 to remotely access my IBookG4 which was running OSX. Norton found some problems on the Ibook harddrive and asked permission to fix them so I said "fix" but then it said it could not and norton quit and when I restarted my Ibook it just kept coming up with this black "You must restart your computer" message in all these different languages. I bought Drive Genius from ProSoft for $100 and it could only recognize that there are problems but could not fix them : (
I Book G4   Mac OS X (10.4.1)  


What you are having is a Kernel Panic. From what I've read on these boards, Norton is poison to OSX. It apparently finds errors that aren't there and attempts to fix them.
I've seen DiskWarrior suggested many times as perhaps the best repair solution.
Also, you can, as a last resort, use your Install disks to erase your drive and reinstall the OS.