I am having trouble on all three of my websites with the contact form

I have created a form for people to contact me with a message on all three websites.  In the form options I have entered my email address to receive the form to read.  However I can not get it to go to that email address.  It just keeps failing and kicking back to my adobe Id email address when I go online to test them.  I have tried several email address to try to send the form to and keeps doing the same thing I have never had this problem before.  any one else having this problem?   Thank you.


How did you get a Lion OSX install disc? They don't exist. Do you mean the gray disks that came with your 2007 MacBook?
If you mean the gray disks, try starting up with the "c" key held down.
What version of OSX is on your MacBook now? Have you tried booting from the Recovery partition?