HtmlText a blocking new window

I've searched high and low for this and it's driving my
Does anyone know if links in flash htmlText fields are
handled differently (by browsers) than standards html links on a
In Firefox an htmlText link within flash is blocked by the
popup blocker, while the standard text link not in the flash is not
There's no javascript involved, just a standard html tag
<a> to open a new window.
I just want to make sure I'm not missing any tricks around
Thanks for any help you can lend.


I have try to catch this event in my main class (and not in
my ItemRenderer) and it doesn't work... I develop on Linux, maybe
the problem come from the flash player for Linux? I know that there
are some troubles with this player, in particular with text
I tried to use TextArea as ItemRenderer in place of Text
component, and in this case, htmlText and <a> tag works!
Unfortunately, I have others troubles for dynamically resize (for
the height) the TextArea according to his content, in order to not
have scrollbar and to see all text.
Anybody have another suggestion or idea ?