HT4872 Card Dav

I have Card Dav on my Iphone and Ipad. They are synching to my gmail contacts. How do I make the changes I make on my Iphone/Ipad synch to my gmail account. It seems to be a one way synch at this time. Gmail to device only.


CardDAV doesn't "sync" as such - you are directly manipulating the data stored on the server, and the iOS device just subscribes to the master data stored on the server.
If it's set up like this: then it will be working.

G5 SCSI Cards

Hi, Has anyone used the Adaptek 2940uw SCSI card in a G5 system? I'm receiving one soon that was bundled with a DLT drive and am trying to determine compatibility before I break down and buy an ATTO card as well. Adaptek says it's not supported in an

My 27" imac won't boot in normal mode. The screen stays white. I have upgraded to Yosemite. However, the computer does boot in safe mode. Could this be a virus related issue or possibly a video card issue?

My 27" iMac will not boot in normal mode. The screen stays white. The computer will boot in safe mode. Could this be virus related or is it possibly an issue with my video card. Before this happened, my computer screen was flashing weird things and t

Cannot buy gift card

I'm trying to buy an e-mail gift card, but iTunes produces a loop with no way out but Cancel. From the main menu, clicked Buy iTunes Gifts. Clicked Buy Now next to Email Gift Certificates. Filled in the form, selected $50, and clicked Continue. Fille

Ideacenter K300 help - Installing a PNY 8500GT Graphics Card

What is the proper procedure for installing this graphics card into the computer... I did install it but the Computer really did not like it.....would not boot up.... is there a step I am missing? HELP!you have a 280w psu which might not work with th

Send and receive contacts as business cards

Hi! Can anyone help me on how to send contacts as business cards? ...and how to receive\accept them?Thanks Dave, BUT the "Share Contact" only sends the details to an email address and not to a another phone number. When I select the Share option

Bizarre Video Card Issue? Still under warranty, very displeased with Lenovo - Ideapad V470

This Lenovo of mine, the Ideapad V470, is a replacement of a replacement of a replacement through Lenovo--during that period multiple walk-in and out-sourced repairs were required on a ThinkPad Edge 14. (The process took over a year and a half).  Fla

S12 Wireless card compatibility

I noticed that S12 (nvidia) rejects other Wireless Mini PCIe cards with error message "card not authorized". Is there a list of cards that are accepted? My card has a suspected defective contact. I expect that I must replace it soon. Lenovo, ple

Audigy 2 card with Audigy Front Panel not worki

I've just bought a used audigy 2 card with an audigy front panel. I have installed everything and have sound from the card to my speakers. The front panel has a blinking light on the optical out and when I plug headphones into the panel, I can hear s

How can I create an iTunes account _without_ giving credit card details?

Hello, I'm from Israel, and due to iTunes incompatibility with Israeli credit cards, I cannot sign up for iTunes. I want to use it to comment on albums and songs, (get the free content offered to users '^_^ ,) store my favorites so I could have a lis

Itunes card / support is bad

i recently got an itunes card from my fiancee and when i rubbed off the silver coating the numbers came off too. I have emailed apple 3 times and got the same auto response. I have sent in the upc numbers etc, etc like the support page said and am ge

I cant create account because i dont have credit card but I have ipod touch and I need it to download free games and other stuff

I cant create account because i dont have credit card but I have ipod touch and I need it to download free games and other stuff.Is there any option i can write i dont have any credit card? Sorry abaot my englishHi... Click None in the Payment Inform

Change credit card expiration date in iCloud keychain

Is it possible to change a credit card expiration date on iCloud Keychain?Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and tap on Safari. Under the first section labeled General, tap on Passwords & AutoFill. At the

Do I need a specific Mac Pro video card or will any do?

Hi, I had a quick question. I'm looking at purchasing a 2010 8-core Mac Pro and was wondering about the video card. Is there a specific video card needed for the Mac Pro or can I purchase just a typical ATI 5870 from ebay and install that? Is there r

Adobe is charging my credit card yet saying my billing wont go through

adobe is charging my card but I cant open PSD  , no live help? no phone number?what has happened to this great company? did it move to India YOU GUYS SUCK !!!!! charging my card and disabling me in a client session? I will take legal action for my lo

How to take credit card info out of idevice ios 7

How to take credit card info out of idevice ios 7Changing Account Information  > Accepted forms of payment  > If necessary... Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assista

Can't upload from more than one card

I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, and now when I use Aperture 3, either in 32-bit or 64-bit mode, I can upload images from one of my CF cards just fine, but if I try to upload from a second card, everything looks like it's going to work fine, but

Account does not accept my credit card

When I am asked to verify my account details, my credit card is disallowed for purchases. The Cheers! Works everywhere else.what to do?Contact iTune Support other 3 answers

You have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry

Every time I turn my phone on it displays the messag "you have inserted a sim card. would you like your blackberry to automatically selct CDMA or GSM based on the network" Is there any way to stop this from displaying? I have my phone to auto sh

TS1424 100 error? Credit Card Processing down for 4 hours

Any Clue? Attempting to buy Numbers and Keynote. Getting a 100 error followed by cc processing down. It has been 4 hours ...Leonnears I have the same problem, but being as you have had your account for 5 days by the time of this writing, I had mine f