HT2905 i am trying to delete duplcates" from my i-tunes....sounds easy...except I dont have a "show duplicates" in my drop down "view menu" !! help please

Anyone help?? I am trying to remove duplicates from my Itunes library....looks easy, except I dont have a "show duplicates" tab in the drop down "view " menu !!
So, what can I do? thanks


Dear iTunes,
I have used Apple products for quite some time. I have no idea why they keep changing everything that has finally become second nature! It is now MUCH more difficult - create a playlist, show duplicates, etc. Its an absolute mess and I have yet to find anyone who does not have multiple complaints.
I have this same problem. All information I look up says use "Show duplicates", which I have done many times for years before. But now when my iPad is plugged in, that option is grayed out for me (unable to be clicked on). I went to the Apple store today and the employee couldn't even answer my questions. I am planning to go back sometime with my computer as well and beg for a solid explanation.
Wouldn't it be nice if these tracks just didn't duplicate? That seems like a proper solution that would suit me well. Until then I just plug in, arrange by song, and go through manually deleting the extras. Often. #wasteoftime #annoying #argh
Good luck.