HT204088 Print iTunes App purchase history

For tax purposes I need to print my iTunes App history. This can be viewed only as a series of small windows - I could make a snapshot of each one. Is there a more user friendly print version available as a complete list of purchases?


The process of searching iTunes Store purchase history is REALLY awkward. It seems designed to discourage customer inquiry or use.
See below a brief list of steps (seriously) I just worked through in order to save my 2014 iTunes Store purchase history:
Log into iTunes Store account
Navigate to Purchase History
Press Command-Shift-4 and select a screen capture of the list showing a few recent purchases
Click Previous or Next button (To see earlier purchases click Next, click Previous button to see later purchases. Really.)
Press Command-Shift-4 and select a screen capture of the resulting list
Repeat (8 times) until desired lists have been captured as screen shots (or until you walk away in disgust)
Then open all .png screen capture image files in Preview
Export all image files to .pdf
Open newly exported .pdfs
Combine .pdfs into one file (see Preview Help for this)
Click and drag .pdfs into a coherent order (suggest chronological order, but coherence is optional)
Save As... your combined .pdf to a location of your choosing (printing optional)
Log out of iTunes Store
I hope this was helpful for everyone. Have a swell day