HP ENVY 4500 creates its own SSID on my WiFi network causing problems and confusion

I am finding this problem hard to articulate clearly and I can’t find any information on the internet about why my new HP Envy 4500 printer has set itself up with its own SSID on my WiFi network, but here goes :
I bought an HP Envy 4500 all in one printer for my daughter’s room in university, which has a WiFi network with WPA security. First I tried to add this printer to the room WiFi using the printer menu, but it gave an error stating that the WPA passkey format was incorrect, when in fact it was the correct password. So instead I had to install the printer using the installation options accessed from the HP website using her laptop.
This has worked, but it has also set the printer up with its own independent SSID called ‘HP-Setup-45-ENVY 4500 Series’. This separate SSID for the printer is causing some problems and does not seem to have any useful purpose. For example sometimes documents randomly will not print from the laptop, but if you then disconnect the laptop from the room SSID and reconnect it to the printer SSID, the documents will then print, but then you have to reconnect to the room's SSID when done. This is confusing and of course completely unwanted behaviour.
Does anyone know why this new SSID called ‘HP-Setup-45-ENVY 4500 Series’ has been set up for the printer please? Can I get rid of it so that printer is simply a device connected on the WiFi network in the room please?
I hope this makes sense as this a very frustrating issue for something that should be completely straightforward.
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Go into the printer settings and disable Wireless Direct. Done.
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