How to use ExpressionEdit Control in teststand with labview

I am trying to get the ExpressionEdit Control to work in a labview custom step in teststand, but i have no idea how it works and cant find a solution.
What I need is a simple example.


  that would really depend on how you want to use it. Do you just want the text from it? In which case there's a property of Text you can get from the control. Architect your code so that when you hit your OK button etc, it grabs the "text" information from the control.
All of the properties and methods are documents (right click the control's fpterm on the block diagram, create >> property (so it created a property node for the activeX control, not a property for the LV control it's buried in) and select things like Text, or an invoke node, and things like DisplayBrowseExprDialog.
You can then right click those, and go to "help for ...." for that property or method.
Unless we know what you propose to use it for, then we can't really help with sample code, since it might not be applicable to your setup. (i.e. text out versus evaluation of the expression, versus displaying the browse expression dialog etc).
You'll probably need to write to the context property to get the correct sequence context to browse with (pass in the "thiscontext" to your vi, and write to the context property of the dialog box.)
Hope that helps
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