How to update items in combo box programmat‚Äčically

I have a problem on updating items in combo box programmatically, such as add or remove a item from the list. I can add or delete without any problem once the vi is running. I can see it is changed by pressing drop button. But after I close the vi and rerun it, the change I did last time is lost. It seems it not permenatly change the list. Anyone has an idea?


If you are changing the list programmatically why do you believe that it should be permanent? If it's permanent, why are you changing it programmatically? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
If you're talking about saving the values as "default" in the same way you do with the development environment, you cannot do this with an EXE. This is a FAQ. You have to update the list programmatically, saving the "new" default values to file.