How to save partial installation of archboot?

I am repeatedly installing archboot LTS x86_64. Still trying to setup a UEFI, GTP, GRUB2 boot.
I'm using the setup script but skipping the last step and installing GRUB2 "by hand".
What I would dearly like to know is how to save the results of those first steps so I don't have to
keep starting afresh (not only does it get boring but it takes a significant amount of time with a network install).
Trouble with using the script is that /tmp/install clearly gets wiped when you restart.
Does anyone have any suggestions please?


alphaniner wrote:You're doing the repos a disservice if you're downloading the packages over and over.  Find a way to preserve them: save them on another device and copy them over during install, create a dedicated partition to mount at /var/cache/pacman/pkg, nfs share on another machine mounted at /var/.../pkg, etc.
@alphaniner, I suppose you're right... trouble is the problem at hand was already causing me such a headache, that if I made the situation more complicated still, I would have had to give up...
and I can't imagine that my downloads of "base" from a very local repo were more than a few drops in the ocean.
Never mind, even without encouragment I managed to get my first pure UEFI / GPT / GRUB2 boot a few minutes ago... Hooray!
True the screen went black after ten seconds or so but that looks like a video problem (probably because I have no graphics card).