How to restore accidently removed iPhoto library from Trash?

I have iPhoto Library Manager (version 3.5.5) and am employing it successfully with my iMac (OS X 10.5.8) to manage my iPhoto Library [iPhoto '09 version 8.1 (415)] which I have divided into 47 libraries at about 4 GB each.
This morning I accidently removed iPhoto Library #36 from my iPhoto Library list of 47 libraries! Ouch! Naturally I wish to restore it ASAP.
I opened up Trash and found iPhoto Library #36 in the SEARCH FOR/ Today folder. When I open it up it appears to be intact with all 756 photos present. However, I am not certain how to restore this library. When I perform a right click on the iPhoto Library #36 line item a menu pops up, but nowhere in the menu is a Restore option.
Can anybody advise me how to proceed to restore this library? I want to be sure that I do this correctly so as not to lose any of these images in the process.


Drag it from the trash to its proper location

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