How to  obtain last date of accounting period mmyyyy

how to  obtain last date of accounting period mmyyyy.
for ex: 31 st is the last date then output should be mm/31/yy.


hi use this ....
data: date1(4),
      date type sy-datum,
parameters:p_date type sy-datum.
    year_month               = p_date+0(6)
   LAST_DATE_OF_MONTH       =  date.
output0(2) = date4(2).
output+2(1) = '/'.
output3(2) = date6(2).
output+5(1) = '/'.
output6(2) = date2(2).
write:/ output.

How to get last date of the week

hi, how to get last date of the week like FM WEEK_GET_FIRST_DAY gives the date of the first day of the week i need the date of the last day of the week.. thnxdata : p_week type KWEEK, p_Date type SYDATUM. p_week = <incoming value in week of year> CA

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Dear Gurus, LIS structure S032 can tell us the date of last GR,Cons., Iss. & movement date. is there any field which tell us the last date on which stock qty was zero ? Regards, FRDear Bijay Pradhan, Thank you so much for your response, actualy we ar

Baseline date in Accounting document changed after creation of Invoice List

Hi all, 1) User Requirement:- Creation of Invoice document(using VF01), Transfer u201CGoods Issue Dateu201D to FI accounting as a Baseline date instead of Invoice creation date. To meet the above requirement I did enhancement name: SDVFX008 user exit

Me and my partner are currently using the same apple id and have no space left on our devices. We are currently waiting on the iphone 6 plus to arrive and don't know how to transfer all data to the new phones.

Me and my partner are currently using the same apple id and have no space left on our devices. We are currently waiting on the iphone 6 plus to arrive and don't know how to transfer all data to the new phones.?I don't know if I'm asking this all in a