How to make a shortcut on the Mac to Restart in Windows? (Boot Camp)

Okay Ive seen a few of these threads so please dont tell me to look at other ones. Basically I run Flight Simulator X on Windows and my Flight Instruction CD's only work on Windows but all other work I do on the Mac side. I find it a real pain having to shut down, hold option blah blah.. and I really like in Windows where it has "Restart in Mac OS X" Is there anyway to have this on my Mac that says "Restart in Windows"
Preferably an item on the apple menu or as an icon on the desktop etc.
I have seen something about automater telling me to go into system prefs. etc but I honestly do not want to mess about with any of that, people are saying go into Startup Disk and select windows but wouldnt that make windows the default startup?
Please could somebody give me a solution to this... with the least technical 'tasks'. I just want to avoid System Prefs.
- Ash


check this out..
1) This one id recommend, seems more familiar with what you do with Windows
-Get BootChamp;
and follow these visual instructions...very straight forward: o-run-windows-under-bootcamp-and-vice-versa.html
2) This one may also be good for what you want, if the first one isnt suitable for your needs;
hope that assists each one auto restarts to the specific/selected OS wihtout having to hold down any specific keys at all during reboot;