How to identify the hidden columns in table by using af:panelCollection

We are using af:panelCollection tag for a table to show personalization features. i.e. to hide or disaply colums in the table.
We also have a print button to print data in the table. the issue is when we hide any column in teble using the personalization feature given by af:panelCollection , we can see the hidden columns also on the page to be printed.which should not happen.
For printing table we cant use showPrintablePageBehavior coz it prints data on current page only where as we also have Print all data button which should print all data on table which is not visible on scrren due to pagination.
Using ADF and JSF 2.0 . Please help how to capture whci colums are made hidden.
The code used for printing data is
<div class="print_data">Print Current Data</div>
<ahref="printCurrentData.jsp" target="_blank" class="left">
<img src="print.png" alt="abc"
width="24" height="22" border="0"/></a>
<div class="print_data">Print All Data</div>
<ahref="printAllData.jsp" target="_blank" class="left">
<img src="print.png" alt="abc"/></a>
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There are some things which don't add up here.
You are using jdev which only comes with jsf 1.2, but you are using jsf 2.0?
Then you are using jsp instead of jsf which are the normal way to go for jsf.
Can you please clarify on this?
How is the printCurrentData.jsp setup? Do you have a table on it based on the same iterator as on the visible page with the hidden column?