How to handle Third party management WRT to  Lease out in SAP - REFX

Dear Friends,
I would like to have an advice on Third party management of a property WRT to (SAP REFX) Lease out.
Example: Under a company code – 1000, I have some 8000 number of properties which is my own and I am doing Lease out with the same.
Out of 8000 properties I have sold some 500 properties to a different company code XYZ, up to here its fine.
Now XYZ Company is asking me to lease out the 500 properties through my company code ( 1000) only and for that I will get the commission of some percentage, i need to bring this to REFX system.
As I have three deferent Opinions in my mind to handle this scenario as below  :
1. Usage of SAP REFX (Standard) third party management option
2. Creating a dummy company code and lease out the properties.
3. In the existing co code itself, I will lease in the properties from XYZ company code & then I will have one more new contract type to lease out and creating a new condition type as Brokerage charges…etc.
Kindly suggest me the better option to make it user friendly solution.
Kindly treat this as a priority issue.
Thanks & Best Regards,


Dear Mr.Kishore,
Thanks for your advise. But my requirement is as below.
Property belongs to some OWNER  - A. ( example - rent is 1000 rs / month)
Its leased out to Tenant - B
I am  dealing here as a third party between A & B ( so rent is coming to me only from B  later i will pay to owner A) , for that i am getting some commission from A some 10 % ( approx ).
i need the final ( FI ) rental entries as below.
Rental Entry
Tenant ( B )  A/c DR    1000
Owner A/c CR               1000
Commission A/c Entry
Owner ( A ) A/c DR             100
Commission A/c CR              100
Kindly advise to do needful, pls consider  it as a priority issue.