How to download games from itunes to ipod nano (4th gen)

I've downloaded some free games... to see how i like it before i buy any... And i have them downloaded just not sure how to download to my ipod nano? Can someone please explain???
I got my ipod nano from a pawn shop its brand spankin new!!! So i don't have the first clue but i do believe its a 4th generation... The screen moves when you turn it...


whoknowsidon't wrote:
I've downloaded some free games
I'm guessing that you accidently downloaded an app which is for iPod Touch. It won't sync to your iPod. To get a game for your nano, (assuming your on iTunes 9) go on the iTunes Store and hover over App Store. Now click on the dropdown box and select iPod Clickwheel Games. These are your possible games you can buy. There are no free ones or demos. To get a game simply select the game, mabe watch the preview to see if you want it and then select buy. To put it on your ipod plug in your ipod in itunes. Then click on it in itunes. Now go to the tab on your ipod and select Games. Select the games you want to sync and press sync. Your good to go.