How to create a wifi network between Mac and iPhone

Hi there,
I have just wired Internet at my house, and i would like to create a network with the wifi of the mac, to connect my iPhone to the Internet.
Is that possible?
i have tried to do, I've created a network, encrypted it, the iPhone recognize it, but when i try to use safari, the following message appears.
"safari can`t open the page because it can't find the server"
So, is that possible and i am doing something wrong, or it isn't possible?
thx in advantage
Marcelo Fran├ža


This is a possibility. But please be aware using your Mac to emit a WiFi connection is a temporary solution. And it will get a short range unlike an actual WiFi Router. Also you may find it to be unstable at times. The Airport Card in your Mac was not designed to be a full time Router WiFi emitter. But more of a receiver to get the signal and use it for personal use.
1. Unlock the network on your Mac make it an open network
2. Go to your iPhone, Settings-Wireless-Tap on blue circle next to network name, Choose Forget network
3. Now go back, It will rescan and find an open network, Connect, and see if Safari works
If Safari works, Then you had a Security issue. Try using WEP 128 bit 13 character passkey or WEP 8 Character Passkey.
Cheers and best of luck
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